Yamaha Series Motor & Controller Combo "High Speed"

Yamaha Series Motor & Controller Combo "High Speed"
Yamaha Series Motor & Controller Combo "High Speed"

Yamaha Series Motor & Controller Combo

Performance Specifications

  • Vehicle Speed : 19 MPH
  • Torque Enhancement : +5 %
  • Motor RPM : 4400
  • Peak HP : 8.6

Yamaha Series 0-1K High Speed Combo Package - Includes Yamaha Golf Cart Motor (170-006-0001), Alltrax Controller SR-48400 (400 Amp Programmable), Complete Solenoid Kit (includes resistor, diode, mounting brackets, and hardware).  (EZGO Compatible) This package provides 5% more Torque than the stock golf cart and will hit top speeds of around 19 mph depending on tire sizes and pressures being used. This is ideal for gated community applications where more Speed is required in a relatively flat environment. SPEED FOCUS!! 

The Golf Cart Motor fits on the 19 Tooth Yamaha Differential Spline. This 6.7 inch Diameter Blue Hi Torque Golf Cart Motor Has Increased Copper & Steel Content For Higher Thermal Capabilities. Can Be Used on 36V or 48V. If longer range is desired over top speed, then the controller can be reprogrammed easily to do so.

This combo kit CAN be used on the Yamaha : 0-5K or 5K-0 Throttle Settings as long as we're told before shipping. This is so that we can ship the controller with the proper settings.

Made In the USA