Locating Your Golf Carts Voltage

How to Locate the Volts in Your Golf Cart-

Its very simple to locate the amount of voltage your Club Car, EZGO, or Yamaha golf cart carries. This will help you if you need to replace your batteries or correctly install components on your golf cart. We will bullet some key steps and provide you with detailed pictures for your reference.
  • First, remove or lift your seat bottom to locate your battery pack.
  • All your batteries will have plastic caps on top covering the fill holes. (Remove one or all of the fill caps on one of the batteries)
  • Each fill hole represents 2 Volts
  • So if you count (3) holes in one battery, multiply it by (2) and the result is (6) Volts.
  • Now that you have the voltage of one battery, multiply it by the amount of total batteries for accurate voltage of your golf cart.
(3) Fill Holes x (2) Volts per cell = (6) Volt Battery
(6) Volt Battery x (6) Total batteries in cart = (36) Volt Electric Drive System

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