How Old are my Golf Cart Batteries

How to Find the Age of Your Batteries-  

Golf cart batteries generally last 4-5 years when taken care of properly. The cost of batteries rises and falls just like the gas prices. In this tutorial we will help determine the year of your golf cart batteries. Older golf cart batteries will damage parts internally resulting in under voltage required for your speed components.  
  • The date code is displayed in different locations depending on the brand of batteries in your golf cart. 
  • This date code is generally marked by a letter, followed by a number.
  • The letter determines the month the battery came out of production (See display chart below)
  • The number, following the letter, is one digit and stands for the production year. 
  • We reference some pictures of different locations of these codes on 3 different battery manufacturers. 
 A  January
 B  Febuary
 C  March
 D  April
 E  May
 F  June
 G  July
 H  August
 I  September
 J  October
 K  November
 L  December