Installing Electrical Accessories

How to Wire and Install Electrical Accessories-

Most of the accessories we sell will only handle 12 volts of input. However, with the proper parts, you will be able to install these accessories on electric or gas 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt golf carts. Most of the accessory items we sell will have a wiring schematic supplied which helps you with the installation process. Below we will lay out some precautionary measures so the accessories you purchase will perform correctly.
  • Always attach your ground wire first to either the frame, negative post on your solenoid, or the negative post on your 12 Volt battery.
  • After you have attached your ground wire, proceed by placing your positive wire terminal on the positive connection of your battery.
  • One way to install a 12 volt accessory will require you to locate 12 volts within your system. We have attached pictures below showing you how this works- (NOTE: All batteries pictured are 6 Volts)
  • Another way to put a 12 volt accessory on your 36 volt system will require you to purchase a voltage reducer. This will take the combined voltage or your entire battery pack and reduce it to 12 volts. Installing a voltage reducer will increase the longevity of your entire battery pack.
  • All 48 volt electric Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha golf carts require the installation of a voltage reducer. If you plan on installing lights, radio, fan, or any other 12 volt accessories; a voltage reducer (VOLT-2000) will be required.
  • Note some newer carts have (4) 12 volt batteries allowing you to hook into one of those in the series.
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