How to Repair Your Golf Cart Batteries

How to Repair Your Golf Cart Batteries 

Golf cart batteries are very expensive to replace and require routine maintenance in order to properly hold a charge. Well cared for batteries are capable of lasting 4-5 years depending on desired use. During the Summer months it is recommended to check your water levels every 2 weeks. You need to use Distilled Water since it carries no bacteria and is free of sulfur which builds up internally in the plates of the batteries. We will go over some steps to take in repairing and revitalizing your golf cart batteries when they show signs of age. When performing any maintenance on your battery system please wear gloves and eye protection.  
First you want to make sure the connections and terminals are free of corrosion resulting in contact issues between batteries and speed components. A good technique in removing terminal corrosion is mixing a couple table spoons of baking soda and water. Dip an old toothbrush or bristled tool into your mixture and liberally apply around the battery terminals where corrosion is visible. The result of this procedure will bubble where the acid and baking soda have made contact. After the baking soda has made its reaction, run some tap water over the terminals. Make sure you rinse your battery pack off in a location other than the inside of your garage. 
This next step works on 50% of the batteries we tested depending on the care taken or the age of your batteries prior to this procedure. Mix 4 ounces of Epsom salts into a quart of warm distilled water and stir. Using a turkey baster fill each battery cell slightly over the lead plates. Do this for a cycle of 4 charges so the Epsom Salts remove the deposits on the battery plates. Charge your batteries with the fill caps removed so the formula can work properly. You should notice an increased distance per charge if your batteries are repairable.   
Battery acid is very potent and will cause irritation when contact is made with your skin, clothes, or extremely dangerous if contact is made in your eyes. 

Distilled water is the only type of water you should put in your batteries. Tap water has chemicals that destroy your batteries and result in sulfur build up that decreases the longevity. 

Never over fill your batteries. When batteries charge they boil the acid within and a result of over filling will damage your batteries and the surface holding your batteries in your cart. 

Always wear protective clothing, gloves, and eye wear so the acid within will inflict less harm.