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DIY Golf Cart is your one stop shop for EZGO golf cart parts to enhance the look, feel and performance of your EZGO golf cart. For people who drive golf carts frequently, they need to be as comfortable and individual as you would make your car. Many people add on extras and personal touches to their cars, and DIY Golf Cart allows you to do this for your golf cart at affordable prices. The ez-go golf cart is one of the industry’s most popular brands, and DIY allows you to personalize your golf cart with thousands of accessories to choose from.

Whether your e-z-go golf cart is electric or gas, DIY Golf Cart stocks all the parts that you may need. DIY is committed to quality, and offers a one year warranty for most of its parts, and will ship your golf cart parts to you quickly so you can get your EZGO cart up and running again as soon as possible. From the nuts and bolts of the internal workings of your golf cart to accessorizing the exterior, DIY Golf Cart offers all the specialized parts you need to make your EZGO golf cart specifically yours.

EZGO Common Parts

Common EZGO golf cart parts are what you would find in both gas and electric golf carts. These are mostly body, suspension, and steering parts that you would find within both models.

Accelerator & Brakes The accelerator and brakes are integral parts to the running of your EZGO golf cart—if you can’t speed up and stop when you want to and need to—you can’t enjoy your golf cart to its fullest! Braking is especially vital to overall safety—wherever you are driving. From accelerator pedals, cables and other parts brakes drums, shoes and brake pads DIY Golf Cart has all the parts you need to keep your cart up to speed and running well. We also all stock hydraulic brake parts, from boot wheel cylinders to master cylinders.

Battery & Parts
From battery cables and Hold Down Rods & Racks, DIY Golf Cart has all the parts you need to keep your battery pack in good working order. Make sure you replace your battery cables regularly to prevent corrosion from building up. Whether you have a gas or electric EZGO golf cart, we stock all the parts you need to keep your battery in excellent working order.

Differential & Transmission The differential and transmission are vital to the smooth running of your EZGO golf cart. The differential ensures that the wheels of your cart can operate at different speeds, which is most important one curves and turns. A healthy transmission is necessary for the smooth running of your cart. DIY stock all bearings, seals, gaskets as well as input shaft and seal kit parts for all EZGO golf carts.

Front & Rear Suspension
The suspension system on your EZGO golf cart is a complex system of springs and shock absorbers, along with other parts that connects the body of your golf cart to the wheels. A good suspension system contributes to good handling, and a smooth ride. DIY Golf Cart stocks all your front suspension parts including axle weldments, Front A-Arm parts, front shocks, brushings, spindles, hubs, bearing and axles; as well as all the parts for a well running rear suspension from rear leaf springs, brushing kits and rear shocks. Heavy dut leaf springs are important EZGO golf cart parts if you have or thinking of installing a rear seat kit or cargo box. Steering Steering is another important element in the performance of your EZGO golf cart, and another place where you can add some individual style. DIY Golf Cart stocks lower steering components and steering assemblies so you can be sure your steering mechanism is functioning properly and that you are getting the most out of your golf cart. DIY supplies many different EZGO steering wheels and accessories to choose from. Having a comfortable steering wheel will enhance your driving experience. Whether you go with the traditional spoke steering wheel or a more updated steering wheel style all the EZ GO parts you need can be found at the DIY Golf Cart. To protect your steering wheel from sun, dust and other elements you can use a simple dust cover, or a cover that will fit over the entire steering wheel.

EZGO Body & Trim If you are looking to replace or personalize the exterior of your EZGO golf cart, you can choose from DIY’s cowlings and rear body accessories. For the front cowling, you can choose the popular hunter green color, available in a number of styles and models that will fit a variety of ez go carts. Or you can choose the paintable replacement cowl (model number ST350) and add your own layer of paint and personality to your EZGO golf cart. The ST350 is made of cast resin with an outer gel coat, which will easily receive another layer of paint if you choose to change the color. This particular cowling is durable and long lasting, whether you choose to leave the original signature hunter green color, or add your own. Another option is to keep the original golf cart green color for awhile, and then add your own unique color to spruce up and give your EZGO golf cart a new look. Cowlings are one of the most popular ways to add a new dimension of style and individuality to your golf cart, and DIY Golf Cart provides you with several options for the best cowling for your needs. For the more sophisticated EZGO golf carts, DIY offers cowlings that fit around headlights. Our cowlings with headlight openings come in white, ivory or the signature hunter green. For EZGO golf carts from the year 1996 and above, a front cowl without headlight openings is available in either black, flame red, platinum, electric blue of the signature hunter green.

EZGO Electric Parts

Electric EZGO golf carts are powered by either a controller or resistors and propelled through a motor attached to your rear differential. Most of these parts are very reliable and do not require as much up keep as gas model golf carts. Below you will find short descriptions on the different categories to find your correct replacement parts.

Battery and Battery Parts
Replacing the battery on your EZGO golf cart is one of the least expensive upgrades you can make to your cart to keep everything running smoothly as well as extend the life of the cart. You may find that even just replacing a few parts of your battery, rather than the entire battery will save you money and add life to your vehicle. From bolts to cables to hold down rods, DIY Golf Cart has everything you need to keep your golf cart fully functional and free from complication.

Chargers & Charger Parts If your EZGO golf cart has trouble running for long periods of time, the problem is either with your battery or your charger. Before you replace your battery, try replacing your charger or checking to see that all of the parts to your charger are in good working order. Replacing your old charger or replacing any defective parts in your charger can keep your EZGO golf cart running efficiently for up to 20 miles. This may save you from having to replace your batteries which are very expensive.

F & R Switches & Parts
Quite simply, “F” stands for “Forward”, and “R” stands for “Reverse”—probably the first things you’re going to want to know about your golf cart! Aside from making your cart easier to maneuver when these functions are in good working order, they are necessary for safety and the prevention of accidents wherever you may be driving your cart. DIY Golf Cart stocks the actual Forward and Reverse switch mechanisms, as well as the handles, shafts, cables and other parts that make up the entire system.

Motors & Motor Parts
DIY Golf Cart stocks a wide variety of EZGO motors and motor parts to either replace your defunct motor, or fix the necessary parts to breathe new life into your old EZGO motor and get you quickly back on track. Most electric EZGO motors attach to a 19 spline Dana transaxle and available OEM or aftermarket.

Simply put, the resistor is what conducts electricity through your EZGO cart to make sure all of its electric parts are functioning properly. The resistor also helps control the speed of your EZGO cart. DIY Golf Cart stocks all the necessary resistor controls to keep your cart running well.

In simple terms a solenoid helps to conduct a magnetic or electric current. Solenoid energy for golf carts are measured in volts and the higher the voltage of your solenoid, essentially the more power your golf cart will have. DIY Golf Cart stocks solenoids in 12 volt, 24 volt, 36 volt and 48 volt capacities.

Speed Controllers
DIY Golf Cart carries a full line of replacement controllers for EZGO carts. Changing the speed controller on your cart can help improve the overall performance of your cart. Speed controllers come in 300 Amp, 400 Amp, 500 Amp, 600 Amp, and 700 Amp applications. 500 Amp controllers and up might require a motor upgrade, 4 guage cables, heavy duty solenoids, and heavy duty Forward and Reverse switches, all of which DIY Golf Cart also stocks.

EZGO Gas Parts

Gas powered golf carts usually require more maintenance than their electric counterparts, so replacement parts for your gas powered EZGO cart are a worthwhile investment. The selection of gas powered golf cart parts at DIY Golf Cart features battery parts; carburetor, intake and fuel pump; clutches and parts; engines and engine parts; F& R switches and parts; filters, spark plugs and ignition; mufflers and motor mounts; and starter generators and parts. We stock a more extensive selection of gas cart parts simply because gas powered carts have more complex engines with more parts needed.

Battery Parts
Regular maintenance to your EZGO golf cart battery and replacing parts when necessary is one of the easiest and least expensive things you can do to maintain and extend the life of your battery, and ultimately your golf cart. From bolts to cables to hold down rods, we stock everything you need to keep your golf cart fully functional and running smoothly. Maintaining the battery will help keep your cart free from complication without having to replace the entire battery.

Carburetor, Intake & Fuel Pump
To enhance the fuel efficiency and general efficiency of your EZGO golf cart, upgrade your carburetor, intake, fuel pump and other fuel system parts. Our selection includes two and four cycle carburetor assemblies, repair kits, intake gaskets, hoses, and two and four cycle fuel pumps, for all EZGO gas powered golf carts.

Clutches & Parts
DIY Golf Cart stocks everything you need to help your cart run more smoothly. From drive pullers, drive clutches, drive belts, bushings, bolts, driven clutches and more to ensure that you get the best ride for your money. Without a proper functioning clutch, your golf cart will have one speed and lack the power you need to get the job done.

Engine & Engine Parts
Whether you need to replace your existing engine, just a few parts, or even if you want to rebuild your EZGO engine yourself, DIY Golf Cart has everything you need to accommodate your project. We offer complete engines, engine rebuild kits, engine crankshafts, camshafts, piston rings/sets, connecting rods, rocker arms, seals, bearings, valves, and all the other engine parts you could possibly need for your EZGO golf cart.

Filters, Spark Plugs & Ignition
DIY Golf Cart offers all the parts including air, fuel and oil filters, spark plugs, condensers, ignition coils and more to keep your EZGO golf cart running in the best condition possible.

Mufflers & Motor Mounts With gas prices climbing, upgrading your EZGO muffler and motor mount can help extend the life of your gas tank. DIY Golf Cart stocks mufflers, exhaust systems and motor mounts for all EZGO gas powered golf carts. Mufflers are very important with keeping our air clean and your motor running properly.

Starter Generators & Parts
Having a starter generator in good working order will ensure the reliability of your EZGO golf cart. From bearings, brush sets, field coils, counter clockwise armatures, DIY Golf Cart stocks complete starter generators, as well as any parts you may need to keep yours in good working order. Starter generators work like alternators on your car as well as your automobiles starter. Not only do starter generators turn your motor over, but they also keep your battery charged.

Why you should invest in EZGO Parts Today

Whether you are looking to fix your out of order EZGO golf cart, or just spruce it up a bit, DIY Golf Cart has everything you need to get your cart into complete working order and looking great. If you are tired of the look of your old golf cart, but don’t want to invest in or spend the money on a brand new cart, switching out some of the exterior accessories is a great way to make your old cart look and feel like new! DIY Golf Cart has hundreds of parts or accessories to choose from, and if you need some personal assistance to make the right decision, we are happy to answer any and all questions that you have. We have years of experience in the golf cart industry and are always happy to share our expertise and advice!