Wheels & Tires

Want to dress up your cart? Golf Cart tire and wheel combinations are the hottest items we sell! We only sell the HIGHEST QUALITY tire and wheel combinations on the web. Golf Carts have came a long way since they were first introduced in the 50's. Golf cart tire and wheel combinations are a very nice addition to your plain looking ride. Wheels are available in 8", 10", 12", and 14" sizes. Tires are also available in a variety of different sizes: 18", 205, 20", 22", and 23". If you choose a tire greater than 20 inches, you must have a lift kit installed. We have lift kits available for EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha models. We will help you decide what kind of tires or golf cart wheels will work the best with your driving style! GOLF CART TIRES- You have a lot of different options when choosing a golf cart tire. First you need to ask yourself where your cart will be utilized the most? If you are traveling on pavement primarily then its recommended you choose a golf cart tire with less aggressive tread. These types of tires are come in low profile and larger street design that are more like the tires on a standard automobile. If you are using your golf cart to travel on the streets and occasionally off road, you might be more interested in an all-terrain design. This will give you the traction you need off of the streets while also allowing you to travel on asphalt and other man made surfaces. If the conditions of your traveling require you to track through mud, sand, or soft soil; an aggressive tire will benefit you most. You will notice from the tire section that aggressive tires have a rugged look that suit hunters, ranchers, and beach goers greater than any other tire you can purchase. We offer all of these tires in lifted or non-lifted applications. GOLF CART WHEELS- Golf Cart wheels are available in chrome, machined, polished, and powder coated finishes. Chrome finish will give your golf cart wheel a mirror like finish and are some of the hardest to keep clean. However, if you are able to keep your wheels clean, these wheels are by far the nicest looking and priciest finishes we carry. A machined finished wheel is very nice and very affordable. These types of golf cart wheels are very easy to keep clean and give your cart that classy look that isn't too over the top. Polished patina is a mirror like finish without the price of a chrome wheel and are much easier to keep clean. This type of wheel is one of our best selling finishes that won't break the bank. Powder coated finishes are found mainly on steel wheels or inlay-ed into a machined wheel. We offer black, ivory, and white powder coated wheels that require the least amount of investment. Wheels are also available with different off-sets. When installing a golf cart lift kit, you must have an off-set wheel to accommodate the newer types of spindle, axle, and A-arm lift kits. If you install a lift kit and plan on reusing your existing wheels, you will need to install a wheel spacer We also carry a lot of different types of wheel covers.