MODZ Street Fox Radial Golf Cart Tire (23x10-12)

Wheel Size:
12 Inch
MODZ Street Fox Radial Golf Cart Tire (23x10-12)
MODZ Street Fox Radial Golf Cart Tire (23x10-12) MODZ Street Fox Radial Golf Cart Tire (23x10-12) MODZ Street Fox Radial Golf Cart Tire (23x10-12)

MODZ Street Fox 23x10-12 Radial Tire

Experience the superior performance of MODZ Street Fox Radial tires, an essential for smooth cruising. 

DOT for street legal use, these radial tires feature impressive steering precision, traction and stability on both street and turf surfaces. Radial golf cart tires reduce rolling resistance by limiting sidewall flex, which minimizes overall wear on both the tire tread and turf surfaces - allowing you to enjoy your ride even longer.



  • 23x10-12 Radial Golf Cart Tire

  • Lightweight aggressive radial construction

  • Limited sidewall flex for superior traction & handling

  • For use on street or golf course

  • DOT for street legal use

  • Smooth & quiet ride

  • Replace tires less often

  • Better resistance to punctures

MODZ Street Fox Radial Tires - Durable. Nimble. Stylish. 
Enjoy your most comfortable ride yet.


Want to know more?

Radial tires outperform bias ply tires in both ride experience and handling. It’s no wonder radial tires have been the industry standard for cars and trucks for over 30 years. While bias ply tires are easily shaken by every bump and rut, radial tires absorb the impact of such road irregularities. Flat-spots are also a common issue with bias ply tires; this is when a tire develops a flatter side due to an extended amount of time in the parked position. Flat-spots eventually even out as you drive on them, but it will be a bumpy ride for at least 15 minutes. Radial tires are not as susceptible to flat-spot as quickly or to the degree in which bias ply tires do.

Whether it’s winding roads or sharp turns, radial tires boast a more graceful performance than bias ply tires. This is due to the limited sidewall flex of radial tires, which prevents the tire from expanding under the force of a sharp turn and eliminates the sluggish feeling that bias ply tires have performing the same maneuver.