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Club Car Golf Carts: Ownership's Guide to Parts and Accessories

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Club Car Golf Carts: Ownership's Guide to Parts and Accessories

Club Car is a leader in the golf cart industry and a serious competitor as a manufacturer of luxury golf carts. Enthusiasts who select Club Car are investing in leading-edge engineering, upgraded accessories, and easy to change parts.

If you have a Club Car golf cart and you want to keep it in excellent condition or enhance its performance or appearance, quality replacement parts and upgraded accessories are a must. Here, we’ll provide you with an authoritative guide to Club Car parts and accessories.

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Cart Bumpers, Brush Guards, and Nerf Bars

Make your Club Car look rugged and intimidating by adding a Brush Guard. The stylish rounded design follows the cart’s contour, giving it a sporty look while protecting the body and headlights. The guard protects the front cowl and works with cut-in headlights. Installation is a snap!

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Available in several finishes, high gloss black powder coat, stainless steel, and lightweight aluminum, the Club Car Precedent Black Brush Guard fits on the front of all Precedent golf cart models.

Diamond Plate Floor Mats

Replace that tired, worn-out rubber mat with new diamond plate black rubber floor mat. It is made of thick, long-lasting pre-cut rubber, and is the perfect fit for Club Car DS models, 1982 and beyond. The mat is conveniently pre-cut for accelerator and brake pedals. It is also available in heavy-duty plated steel for a cleaner and more rugged look and feel. Whether cruising the fairways or off-roading in the woods, quality floor mats are an essential accessory to help keep the debris out of your vehicle. Just shake or hose them off when it’s time to clean.

Cargo Boxes & Utility Beds

The RHOX Poly Utility Box converts the Club Car DS Golf Cart to an OEM style utility vehicle, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Constructed of standard duty poly material, the 8" bed is perfect for agriculture and industrial applications, as well as everyday hauling. Measuring 33"L x 39"W x 8"D, the durable, fixed bed with a flush-folding tailgate makes it easy to load and unload.

Club Car Precedent Body Kits

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Manufactured from solid colored high-impact plastic, the complete Club Car Precedent Factory-style body kits include a choice of 16 colors. It has pre-cut headlight and taillight holes, custom grill options, a front and rear cowl, and a choice of a basic light kit or street legal light kit, which are both available in black or chrome bezels.

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Club Car Dashboards

This Club Car Golf Cart Custom Dash Assembly is designed for installation on all Club Car DS golf carts. The carbon fiber finished dash gives the Club Car console a completely custom look. It has two locking doors and two glove boxes with key locks to secure your items when you're away from the cart. The unit adds four additional cup holders to the existing factory four, and the dash is offered in an optional classic woodgrain. Even someone not used to DIY can quickly and easily install it.

Golf Cart Storage Covers

Protect your golf cart during the offseason from the elements with a universal storage cover that fits most golf carts. Water resistant, the cover is designed with zippers for easy installation and vents for air flow.

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Charge, Hour & Battery Meters

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Take the guesswork out of the golf cart battery charge with a golf cart charge meter. Available in both analog and digital readouts, the meters display the remaining charge in the cart battery pack.

Golf cart hour meters are also essential for keeping track of gas golf cart maintenance and scheduling. The gauges will indicate the number of hours the gas engine has operated since its last maintenance.

Rear Seats & Kits

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The Madjax Genesis 250 Rear Flip seat kit is manufactured to fit the Club Car DS and Precedent golf cart models. The seat kit features upgraded cushions made with a polyethylene base to repel rot and discourage fading and mildew.

The kit has a durable polyethylene cargo bed molded with a diamond plate texture and easy folding rear footplate with attached safety grab bar. The glossy, powder coat finish is applied with a UV fade resistant additive.

Comfort features include armrests with built-in cup holders, an adjustable height seatback, and an integrated seatbelt mounting system.

The simple design provides a standardized hardware, single wrench installation with no cutting or welding. Heavy-duty leaf springs are recommended to help support the extra passenger or cargo weight.

Club Car Light Kits

Light kits are available for all golf cart makes and models, both gas and electric. Street legal light kits help keep carts operational and legal at night. Golf cart owners are advised to check local DMV requirements for street driving laws.

Many light kits consist of either Halogen bulbs or LED—which reduces voltage consumption, a wiring harness, and an on/off switch. Bezels, headlights, or tail lights may be purchased separately. LEDs are more efficient, use less power, provide a brighter light, have a longer lifespan, and run cooler than regular lights.

The light kits include templates for cutting, and all necessary hardware is included for easy installation. For proper operation on an electric cart, a voltage reducer may be required.

Club Car Precedent Deluxe Light Kit

The kit includes a plug-and-play wiring harness for Electric Club Car Precedent, a brake switch harness, a turn signal switch, a brake switch, and a horn kit. It also sports halogen headlights and LED taillights.

Golf Cart Horns

Add a horn to your cart for alerting other cart drivers or pedestrians, either on the golf course or the street. A Universal 4" diameter 12-volt horn kit fits all golf carts and includes the horn, hardware kit, switch, wiring, and connectors.

Golf Cart Mirror

The 5-panel, Wink-style golf cart rear-view mirror is made for all golf carts. An essential item for driving on the fairway, the street, or around the neighborhood, the mirror provides crystal clear rear views. The broad panoramic vistas are superior to those of any standard rearview mirrors.

Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Wheels and tires are not the only accessories that make a golf cart stand out. A custom steering wheel is a real attention grabber, and it feels great to the touch. A complete upgrade includes adapter pieces and billets, the steering wheel column cover, the steering wheel hub, and the wheel itself.

Tires, Wheels, and Lift Kits

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Improve the traction and performance of your golf cart by installing a lift kit. Tire/Wheel/Lift combinations are available for 10,” 12,” and 14,” tires and wheels. The lift kit combo is designed to accommodate larger tires and prevent them from contacting the cart body.

Lifted golf cart tire and wheel combinations will allow your golf cart to travel off-road under more difficult conditions than those found on a golf course.

An example is the Jake's 6" Spindle Lift Kit with 12" RHOX RX101 Machined Wheel.

Jake's 6" Spindle Lift for Club Car DS 2004.5 and Later

Made of durable cast iron, Jake's spindle lift kit is robust, safe, and simple to install. It is pre-drilled to accept Jake's hydraulic front brakes. Installed, the kit squares up the cart and lengthens the wheelbase for added stability.

Radios and Stereo Consoles

Designed for mounting to the roof, the RMT weather-resistant stereo console is made with state-of-the-art injection molding technologies.

The console includes a high-intensity dome light and a first-class antenna. A marine-rated water-resistant cover protects the Pioneer Deck CD Player.

WR85B speakers have a one-piece molded grill providing protection, and they are water, UV, and corrosion resistant. Portable devices can be directly connected to the AUX input. For security purposes, the face is detachable.

Fans and Heaters

A fan for those hot summer days or a heater for the cold winter months can make your golf cart ride more enjoyable.

Golf Cart Fans

Fans are available in 12-volt, 36-volt, and 48-volt applications. One of the bestselling fans, the Breeze-Easy blower fan is also the most powerful fan in the industry. It can be mounted on top or underneath the cup holder.


Propane heaters that are mounted in the cup holder are very effective heating up a golf cart. The Piezo-Ignited Portable Propane Heater is a favorite brand that fits in most golf cart cup holders. Electric golf cart heaters are available that draw power from the battery pack. While these heaters do not produce as much heat as the propane models, they are much safer.

Golf Cart Performance Upgrades

Golf cart upgrade parts and kits can provide the extra performance demanded by the DIY golf cart enthusiast.

Optimum braking performance can be achieved in either gas or electric carts with heavy-duty disc brake systems that include top of the line caliper and pad brake sets.

Tuned exhaust systems can augment the efficiency of a gas engine. Clutch upgrades and high-end air filters will maximize engine performance. Electric system enhancements and power switch adjustments assure maximum performance from the electric golf cart.

Electric Motor Upgrades

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If you need more torque for off-road maneuvers or a higher speed for the street, your cart can be fitted with an upgraded motor and controller.

The Club Car DS 1994-Up High-Speed Series Motor, "THE RAPTOR," is a 36-volt motor which produces 6.1 horsepower at 4,600 rpm and generates speeds up to 23 mph. To optimize performance, durability, and safety, the installation requires 4-gauge cables throughout the cart, a heavy-duty solenoid, and a high-quality forward and reverse switch.

Designed to work with lifted golf carts, the 36/48-Volt Solid State Club Car Torque Motor is essential for use on rugged terrain or for extreme off-roading or towing.

The motor can produce 12-16 mph (with 22" or larger tires) and a 40% increase in torque over the OEM Club Car motor. For optimal power, an upgraded controller and solenoid are required.

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Coolers, Ball and Club Washers, and Sand Bottles

Golf cart accessories can make your round of golf or your trip to the local supermarket more enjoyable. Sometimes it is the small accessories that make the difference, and there are limitless options. The list includes ball and club washers, coolers to keep beverages cold, seat covers to protect and express a personal style, armrest covers, hip restraints, overhead storage trays, cup holders, and much more.

Sand Bottles and Buckets

Sand bottles, sand and seed bottles, and divot buckets will help you maintain the best playing condition of your local golf course, which will be appreciated by golfers who play after you.

Golf Cart Coolers

On a hot summer day, the golf cart cooler may be the most important feature of your golf cart. Numerous sizes are available, as well as mounting brackets to keep them firmly in place. 

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Ball Washers and Club Cleaners

Golf pros know that the smallest amount of dirt in a club groove or ball dimple can have a major effect on ball flight, so they are fanatical about clean golf balls and clubs. Washers for your cart will help you maintain the same cleanliness standards demanded by the pros.

Storage Solutions

Loose items in an open-air golf cart tend to fly out if not properly stored. Under-seat storage solutions, seat trays, and well trunks can help you organize and maintain those small objects.

Maintenance Chemicals

Regular maintenance is essential to the proper performance of any golf cart. A full selection of lubricants, golf cart oils, cleaners, and degreasers will assure the cart always runs smoothly.

Replacement Parts

While golf cart accessories are upgrades that either improve the performance, provide convenience features, or enhance the appearance of the cart, regular maintenance parts are essential to a smooth-running vehicle and the performance as intended by the original manufacturer.

Here is a partial list of maintenance parts for the Club Car:

  • Accelerator parts, Speed Control, Micro Switches.
  • Batteries, Voltage Regulators.
  • Bearings and Seals.
  • Belts: Drive, Starter, and Brakes.
  • Cables: Accelerator, Forward and Reverse (F and R), Battery, Brakes, and Throttle and Choke (gas carts).
  • Electric Parts, Ignition Parts.
  • Engine (gas) or Electric Motor, Carburetors, Filters, Spark Plugs.
  • F and R Switches and Parts, Key Switches.
  • Fuel Pumps, Gas Parts, Gaskets.
  • Rebuild Kits, Tune-Up Kits.
  • Replacement Tops.
  • Shocks and Solenoids, Springs, Clutches.
  • Steering, Suspension; Front and Rear.
  • Manuals.

Parts and Accessories Installation

Cart owners can install most of the parts and accessories with the assistance of one of our DIY YouTube tutorials. Select only the highest-quality replacement parts and enhancement accessories, and purchase them from an authorized Club Car parts vendor. For more demanding installations, consult a Club Car trained technician. Elevate your Club Car with some parts and accessories to create the ultimate custom golf cart of your dreams!

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