Golf Cart Wheels and Tires | RHOX RX332 Chrome 12" | Lifted Tires Combo

(You save $245.05 )
RX332 - AT Option
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Wheel Size:
TIR-375 TIR-375 TIR-375 TIR-266 TIR-266 TIR-266 TIR-288 TIR-288 TIR-288 TIR-338A TIR-338A TIR-338A TIR-351 TIR-351 TIR-351 TIR-361 TIR-361 TIR-361 TIR-382 TIR-382 TIR-382 TIR-383 TIR-383 TIR-383

RHOX RX332, Chrome w/ Center Cap, 12x7 ET-25 with All-Terrain Tires


  • Price is for a set of 4 mounted golf cart tires and wheel assemblies
  • 16 Chrome Lug Nuts
  • 4 Center Caps
  • Chrome RHOX RX332 Wheels 12x7 with 4x4 bolt pattern with ET-25 offset
  • This combo will require a lifted cart


TIRE Options:

  • TIR-288 RHOX Mojave, 22x10.5x12 DOT 4 Ply 
  • TIR-266 RHOX Mojave, 23x10.5x12 DOT 4 Ply [$15]
  • TIR-338A RHOX Street, 22x9.5-12 4 Ply [$50]
  • TIR-351 RHOX RXAT 23x10.5-12 4 Ply [$55]
  • TIR-375 RHOX RXVT, 23x10.5-12 4 Ply [$55]
  • TIR-382 RHOX Road Hawk, 22x10R12 Radial DOT, 4 Ply [$110]
  • TIR-383 RHOX Road Hawk, 23x10R12 Radial DOT, 4 Ply [$115]
  • TIR-361 RHOX RXVT 25x10-12 6 Ply [$155]



 **Please select Standard (EZGO and Club Car) or Metric (Yamaha) Lug Nuts**


 **This combo will require a lifted cart**